He kisses her in the vagina and on her big nipples and fucks her in the ass

He kisses her in the vagina and on her big nipples and fucks her in the ass

A friend of mine put me onto it. We were having a conversation on Skype and she said that there was this App that was like Pokemon-go but very, very different. Then she proceeded to tell me all about it. I must have shaken my head several times throughout the conversation as she proceeded to describe the process through a chat window. I kept on sending messages back to her, such as, ‘you’re joking’, ‘really’, and ‘I don’t believe you.’ The truth is, I did believe her, I had no cause not to, but my head couldn’t comprehend the scenarios she was describing and how the mobile App actually worked. So how does this mobile App work? Well, people subscribe to the App through a website, and yes, you have to pay for it, but it’s not much. The people that use the system are classified as providers or collectors or both. The mobile App then advertises your presence from your mobile phone on a map of the local area. Icons appear on the street map and you can click on the icon to find out more about the person or what they are providing. You can also exchange messages, albeit simple text messages. When you meet them and provide what they require, you collect the icon from them, you also get awarded some points and maybe something special that can be used in the game. Apparently, some icons are very hard to get, some are very expensive and require money to exchange hands, but most are just free. What’s the nature of this game? Sex. The providers deal in sex, sexual acts of all sorts. The collectors, well they just collect these sexual acts and perform them on the person providing them. As soon as the providing person is satisfied that the act has been carried out, they exchange icons with you. It sounded really simple and very naughty and I was up for some naughtiness. I downloaded the App and signed on to the website provider. I initially set myself up as a collector, I wasn’t brave enough, or confident enough to provide sexual acts. Maybe I would change my settings after a few experiences, who knows? I was enthralled by the idea and excited to try out the App. So, here I am, on my way to London, because this is where there are far more PokeMeGo users than anywhere else in the country, at least for the moment anyway. I switched the App on and off during my journey to London but nothing of interest appeared on my screen and I was keen not to waste the battery. I had wondered whether it was a bit of a wind up, but with the website taking on users, downloading the mobile App and actually using it at home, I figured it was for real. As soon as I approached Paddington station I switched on my phone, the device exploded with a plethora of icons, it was alive. London was alive with so many naughty users. I stared at it trying to take in all the icons and symbols and make sense of them all. I clicked on one that looked like a woman’s open legs and I started to read her mini profile and slowly I understood what she required. She wanted females and not the likes of me. I was still sat on the train facing the direction of travel and occasionally looking out of the window. I suddenly became aware that my mouth had dropped open, the train had stopped and people were flooding past me to exit the train. I waited and looked at my phone. This woman was only about a hundred metres away from Paddington station. I dismissed her details, pocketed my phone and got up to leave the train. I found myself exiting the station and heading for a quiet spot in order to digest all the details on the App. I needed to think carefully about what I wanted and where to go, who to see. I zoomed out, the icons tripled in quantity. I was amazed at the amount of people using this relatively new mobile App. I started to use the search engine to enter a few details. I found myself entering the word ‘spanking’ as this was one of my most treasured fantasies, to spank someone, to dominate them, impress my will upon them, but mostly for them to want it too. I pressed the search button. Sure enough, several people were displayed on the filtered view. I studied them and decided to head to one in particular, based in South Kensington. I entered the underground and started my journey on the Circle line. At Bayswater, my App buzzed in my pocket. I took it out and looked at it. There was an icon within several metres of me. It was a strange icon that I couldn’t make out at first; two pipes of unequal length leading upwards into a circle. I looked around me and tried to ascertain who it belonged to but the train was packed with so many people standing firm. I made my way through the train and edged closer to the signal. I eventually got within about a metre of it. I noticed a few women in my close proximity, but which one? Then it dawned on me, did it even belong to a female? I clicked on the announce icon. I heard a mobile phone buzz. I was relieved to find that it belonged to a girl; sporting blonde pigtails, a white dress and listening to her music through headphones. She picked her phone up and looked at it. She raised her eyes to look around her and slowly but surely she stared in my direction. I smiled. I quickly typed a message to ask her what the icon meant and sent it. The reply came back ‘two fingers,’ I nodded realising what she was actually offering. I smiled and tried to get closer to her which I only managed when the train pulled in to High Street Kensington. I realised I only had two stops before I needed to get off the tube train, but I wasn’t in that much of a hurry, not really. As the train jostled about, I started to manoeuvre myself into the alcove near one of the doors and found that the girl was eager to back into me. I looked over the girl’s shoulder at her App in her hand. She dismissed the App and pulled up her music and switched it on. I lowered my hand and cupped the edge of her skirt and raised my hand slowly up inside her skirt. Her head nodded to the tune playing in her ears, or was that appreciation of what my hand was doing, I couldn’t tell. The train jerked and she shifted her position leaving her legs slightly apart. She was looking into the eyes of the man directly in front of her as my hand reached onto her bum. I allowed my fingers to encroach into the gap between her legs and I finally touched her shaved moist pussy waiting impatiently for its intrusion. I pushed two fingers into her. She never flinched as my fingers entered her, in fact, it felt that her pussy was sucking them in as quickly as it could. With my fingers, up to my second joint inside her pussy, I started to retract and push them into her in unison to the rocking train. The girl was pushing her bum back onto my fingers whenever she could; her eyes still staring nonchalantly at the guy opposite her as if nothing was happening. At one point, when the train stopped harshly at South Kensington, I took the opportunity to thrust them deep into her with the pretense of me losing my balance. When they were deep inside, I wiggled them inside her. I was wondering whether I was going to bring her off, but there was no indication that she was going to let herself explode on the train. I kept fingering her for another two stops at which point I saw her look at her phone. She pressed a few buttons and the phone in my pocket buzzed. I pushed my finger into her for the last time when the train stopped at St. James’s Park; though I didn’t know that at the time. When the train stopped, the girl just took off. Without any warning, she pulled away from me and my hand and fingers were wrenched from her pussy and from under her skirt. She left the train as if nothing happened and never looked back towards me. I looked down at my fingers and found them soaked with her juices. With a wicked smile on my face, I turned to face the closed door and slipped them into my mouth, finally tasting her. They were clean by the time they left my mouth and she tasted heavenly. My heart rate was pounding. I was on a sexual high for the whole journey and decided to get off the train and swap platforms at Westminster station to make my way back to South Kensington. I looked at my phone and found that I had collected one thousand points and a Bad Boy special Icon for performing an act on a person in public. I was informed that collecting three bad boy icons would promote my character to a level that would open up more users to me. That was the precise moment that I decided I could become hooked on this game. As I exited South Kensington station, I checked my phone and noticed an icon appear that was close by. It was a woman and a man in a doggy position with an eye over the image. I decided to check it out. It was on my way to the spanking icon in any case. I followed the directions and slowly came upon a narrow street, a mews by any other name. A mews is traditionally a row of stables usually with carriage houses below and living quarters upstairs. Most have been converted to up-market establishments and towards the end of this narrow street was a pastel blue painted mews cottage where the downstairs had been converted into a lovely looking bijou living quarters. There was a large bay window with no curtains that fronted the building. As I approached I noticed a lady in a coat looking out of the window with her phone in her hand; obviously checking my progress towards her. As I approached, she waved at me. That was not something I was expecting so she must have been keen that someone was taking the time to visit her. In one smooth move I watched as she stood tall and shrugged the coat from her shoulders. She stood there in a red Basque with regulatory attached black stockings. Her hands came up to her buxom breasts and she kneaded them; pushing them together and offering them to me through the glass window. She pursed her lips into a pout when she realised that I couldn’t touch them. I love to be teased and she was good at it. She leaned over the cream sofa that was in the bay window and started to play her game with me. I edged closer to the window, partly to get a closer look and partly so that I wouldn’t look too obvious standing in the middle of the street staring into some strangers home. I could have been anyone, and the residents along these streets are normally well to do and a member of the neighbourhood watch scheme. I started to watch her with intent and it wasn’t long before we were both smiling and encouraging each other through the glass. I eventually unzipped my trousers and took my cock out to show her that I was hard and erect and enjoying it all, while at the same time attempting to hide myself from the other houses around me. She looked over her shoulder into the darkened room at the same time as prising her breasts out of the Basque; a Basque that could hardly contain her breasts anyway. As she relaxed back onto the sofa, I could see her big round aureoles topped by the most amazing nipples. She pinched her nipples and pulled on them which only managed to make them larger and harder. I wish I could have placed my lips on the other side of the glass and sucked on them in turn. The movement behind her startled me at first. A man stepped out of the shadows of the room and stepped in behind her. I caught a quick glimpse of his sizeable cock that was attached to his muscular but slim body. The lady smiled at me before pursing her lips to form the perfect ‘O’ as he slid his cock into her. Her eyes closed and then opened. His hands came around her body to grasp her breasts as he plunged into her. He pinched her nipples and rubbed them with the palm of his hands before sliding them back down her waist and onto her hips. There, he grasped her love handles and fucked his cock into her with some force. She made a wanking motion with her fist before placing her hands back on the top of the sofa for balance. As she was fucked from behind she never once took her eyes from my cock. I started to masturbate. It was what she wanted me to do. I could hear her moan
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s through the glass but I tried my best to keep quiet. I reasoned that any noise would only attract someone undesirable, someone with a bright blue light on their car. I didn’t want to cum, not on the street, but there was little I could do under the circumstances. The sounds of sexual enjoyment coming from the other side of the window, the sight of her breasts heaving and bouncing in a simple harmonic motion beneath her and the man eagerly fucking her from behind and pulling her backwards by the hips caused me to unload all my spunk over the cobbled street. Jet after jet of spunk spurted out of my cock. The first hit the window. I loved it when she tried to lick the other side of the glass with her tongue; on the same spot where my spunk was now dribbling down to the window frame. The rest of my cum spurted from the end of my cock and landed on the floor. It was all I could do to stop it from staining my trousers. I looked at her after I had spent myself. Her boyfriend or husband or lover had receded back into the shadows and she was busy on her phone. Another one thousand and five hundred points arrived in my account. I had another token and a new voyeurism gift that had been provided to me. I was a little disappointed to have been denied another Bad Boy icon but I suppose that I only had to watch this act and not participate. She obviously received a big bonus from me when I pulled my cock out and joined in. I slowly stuffed my wilting cock back into my trousers and waved to her as I left the street. She paused from pulling her Basque back over her wonderful breasts to give me a farewell wave of the hand. I left her wondering whether she ever invited anyone inside. I guessed not. It was turning out to be quite a day if I were to be honest. I had more sexual encounters than I would have had cooped up at home watching TV, or worse, watching porn. I started to leave the mews cottages and soon found my spanking partner on the system. She was about a mile away and I decided to head straight there. As I got closer the icon started to flash, to indicate that prior announcement was required. I sent the request and hoped that she would be available. I received a reply in less than thirty seconds. I was so eager to experience this one. It has always been a fantasy of mine to spank someone with a cane. I recognised the PokeMeGo icons immediately and knew that I would be disappointed if I was not allowed to play. I approached the door to a fine Kensington three storey house. I didn’t need to knock at the door. A gentleman, or more precise a butler, opened the door to let me in. “Please wait here, sir,” he informed me. His manner was exceptionally polite. The butler retired upstairs and within a minute a slim lady with long blonde hair, curled elegantly at the edges walked slowly down the stairs. Her attire, comprising of white leather straps and chains that criss-crossed her taught body immediately turned me on. My cock, despite its recent effort, awoke with a vengeance. Every step was carefully placed, it had to be, the six inch heels of her white shoes would have done serious damage had she slipped and fallen. As she approached, I could see her wonderfully pert nipples stiffen on her small, yet pert breasts, “So nice of you to visit, do follow me?” She nodded and held out her hand in the direction of a white door. I followed, mesmerised by her looks and refined attitude and behaviour. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to spank such an upper class beauty. I entered behind her and we, yet again, descended some steps to the lower ground floor. The lights came on automatically and as I stepped into the room, I watched this white vision of lust walk into a dungeon of black leather, filled with all sorts of devices. She walked to the other side of what looked like a black leather horse vault. She stood the other side of it and wiggled her finger in my direction, motioning for me to follow her. She stroked the leather in front of me, “Nice, isn’t it?” I nodded, “Yes it is,” I said, as I too, stroked the leather horse. She took my hands in hers and pulled me down over the horse, her body lowered with me and she looked up into my eyes all the time. “Be so kind and hold the ends of these legs for me, would you?” I did as I was told and before I knew it they were both handcuffed to the restraining bolts on the legs of the horse. As the realisation sank in as to what she had done, she had moved behind me doing the same to my legs. I closed my eyes, how could I have been so naïve. I found myself cuffed to the horse with my backside facing upwards. “My name is Eliza,” she said, bending down to my level once more to introduce herself, “You are going to enjoy this, I promise,” she told me. I looked at her in disbelief. “I thought I was going to spank you?” I finally answered. Eliza let out a shrill giggle, “You’re not the first person to make that mistake, darling,” she told me, “no, the icon’s arrows face downward my dear, that means you receive, I give. I do hope you’re not disappointed.” She smiled at me knowing that I could do nothing to remove myself from the predicament and it didn’t look like she was anywhere close to unclasping me and showing me the door. She pursed her lips which seemed to crack her red lipstick only slightly. “Shall we say…ten of the best!” She suggested while shaking her head from side to side. My mouth opened but nothing came out. I felt her grasp under my torso and I felt the buckle to my trousers being undone and the zip being pulled down. With some ease, she pulled my trousers and pants all the way over my upwardly turned bum and let them pool around my ankles. She then pulled my shirt upwards until it was half way up my back and rucked under my armpits. I was bare where it mattered and nothing was left to get in the way of my punishment. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she chose a cane from several that were on display. It was white, but I would never describe her or it as angelic in any way, shape or form. What she was, was the horniest looking woman I had ever seen. I felt her draw the cane across my buttocks. It was cold to the touch, yet I knew the heat it would soon be generating would counteract that. I felt her tap it on my bottom in short sharp strikes. She was practicing, obviously. “I do hope this a virgin bottom?” She asked. Unknowingly at the time, I nodded and replied in the affirmative. I could feel her smirk behind me. I could sense her enjoyment at the thought of what I was offering her. “Oh my, lovely…” she replied as the first crack of the cane echoed throughout the room. I yelled with the impact of the sudden contact, then the pain registered in my brain, and then the slow haze of heat spread outwards. I could feel the heat cause my buttocks to glow, pulsing and throbbing. I kept wondering when... When would the next one strike. Eliza was playing with my mind. I knew the next strike was coming and I was waiting for it. Tensing my bottom in readiness for the strike. “It’s best if you don’t do that,” she whispered in my ear. “Do what?” I asked. The next crack contacted my bottom, and again the cry of pain and heat surged through me. I realised then that answering her question was enough to distract me and caused me to relax. From then on, I was determined to try and relax. There were eight more that I was about to receive. Eliza leaned over the horse with me and whispered in my ear, “You have such a lovely bottom.” I felt relief that she was beside me. The third crack of the cane took me by surprise. I was finding it difficult to comprehend how she could have hit me from her position? Yet she did. That one hurt the most. I could sense the cane marks rising into red puffy lines on my bottom. “I do so love your bottom,” she told me, “so much so that…” The next three cracks of the cane were sharp and short and followed each other so quickly that my cries of pain were continuous. I would have sworn that a hot iron had been planted on my bottom with the steam setting set to maximum. At that point in time, I swear, she could have switched the lights off and the place would be noticeable from every passing sailor. I had partly lost count as I panted for breath, but I slowly recovered and reckoned that there were only four left. I hoped I was right. “Beautiful,” she whispered into the room, “so beautiful.” I yelled out loud at the next strike. It hurt the most, she must have taken a full swing and I reckon the cane was travelling at the speed of sound by the time it hit me. I felt a tear leave my eye and it was then that I actually noticed how hard my cock was. The next three were almost a warming down session and I hardly felt the last one at all. Maybe I was just used to it by then or maybe I miscounted. I watched Eliza place the cane back on the rack and bend over to release my cuffs, first my hands, and then my legs. Eliza paused to brush the palm of her hand over my buttocks before allowing me to rise from the horse. As I stood up, she gave me a wry smile, her phone in her hand busily pressing a few buttons. My phone buzzed, but my arse was a lot hotter than a nuclear reactor. “You were such a darling,” she told me, “the butler will see you out.” With that Eliza turned and left the dungeon. I couldn’t help but stare at her body and especially her arse as she walked up the stairs, my cock semi-hard and I contemplated a quick wank before I left the confines of the dungeon. My bottom was stinging and red hot to the touch and I could feel welts across my bum. I hurriedly pulled my shorts and trousers up but had to take my time to ease them over my bottom. There was no getting away from the realisation that I would definitely find it difficult to sit down on the train home. I walked upstairs and was approached by the butler who opened the door to allow me to leave. I checked my phone and was flabbergasted at the six thousand points I had acquired. At the same time I had opened up a dungeon’s portcullis and received a virgin badge. I checked her icon to make sure she was telling me the truth, but in all honesty, there was nothing I could do about that now. It turned out that Eliza was honest, her arrows on the icon were pointing down and the others I had visited did point upwards. I made a mental note to myself to read the fucking rules next time. I decided to walk across London and take in some of the sights rather than the underground back to Paddington station. I reckoned, and hoped, that the walk would allow my bum to cool down a little. At one point, it had crossed my mind to visit the Serpentine and dip my backside in the cool water’s of the lake, but I decided against that. On passing Buckingham Palace, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out and stared at the screen, partly in shock, and partly in amusement. The icon was situated in the main house. Was the Queen on PokeMeGo? At her age? I thought she would have known better, or perhaps she did. I studied the App and noticed that the icon was just leaving the house, I waited for a carriage to appear but all I saw were a few people leave the main building and head out towards the tradesman’s exit. The signal then disappeared. I smiled at the thought and gathered that it would have been one of the maids or servants putting it on while they were at work. I wondered how on Earth I would ever be able to earn that one. With my bum cooling down nicely, I made my way across London, through Kensington Gardens and onto Paddington station. I smiled to myself. I knew I would have to see the white Angel of Kensington one more time, maybe for twenty of her best next time. PokeMeGo! The words echoed in my head as I wrestled for the meaning. Then it dawned on me, Poke Me and Go, well, that’s what it meant to me. I would like to inform anyone of developing an app like this that PokeMeGo is now copyright ©DarkSide

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