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Xxx Porn Movies With Lesbians In Heat 2017 Porn Porn Bud Romania With Crete Girls

Bennie had lusted after Beatrice for years. They had started on the same day in shipping and receiving at the same company. He as a lowly forklift driver and she as a clerk in the office. He had to see her every day and hear about her boyfriends. A few times he wanted to go out and punch a few of them when she came in sad from a breakup. It was just his life to be so near, yet so far from the woman he desired.This all changed one fateful day. He was leaving work when he saw her having an argument with some joker riding a motorcycle. He saw the guy grab her and that was it, he had to act. He marched over, grabbed the guy by the arm, spun him around and laid him out flat. Turning to Beatrice he asked, “Are you okay?”Caught completely off guard she stammered, “Yes, thank you and what the hell do you think you are doing?”“I saw him grab you and you try to pull away. I had to do something.”During this exchange, the guy was slowly getting back to his feet looking angry enough to kill but Beatrice stopped that thought when she pulled a pistol from her purse and pointed at him and said, “Jim, I think it’s time you leave and don’t bother coming back.”Jim being no fool when looking down a barrel of a pistol, even when held by a woman only five-feet-four-inches tall, got on his bike and rode away flipping them both off as he went.“You’re Bennie, right,” she asked him?“Yes, I drive one of the forklifts on the dock,” he replied.“Well Bennie, you just earned yourself a dinner if you want to collect?” she said.That was the start of Bennie’s and Beatrice’s two-year-long relationship so far.What Bennie hadn’t known is what he was in for with Beatrice. He quickly discovered she was a sexual maniac. In the two years they had been dating, Beatrice had gotten him to have sex in the wildest places. The number one spot on the list was in the middle of a concert. She had slid off her panties and had him slip into her from behind as she leaned on the back of a seat as everybody was standing and yelling for the performer. Well, almost everyone. They had been watched by another couple that also proceeded to fuck while watching Beatrice take Bennie’s cock to the beat of the music.Bennie found that Beatrice had a fondness for anal play. The first time he had discovered this was when she slipped a finger in his anus while giving him a blow job. She had worked it in and out as she bobbed on his cock until he exploded down her throat. Even after sucking him dry she continued to finger his anus for a bit longer. That was the first time and after that, she continued to do it every time after that. Bennie, although surprised the first time found he really enjoyed the anal stimulation as she sucked him off.Then things took another step one night as they took a shower together. They often shared a shower after enjoying a day out together. The shower usually led to an awesome round of sex where Beatrice would suck Bennie off while fingering his anus but tonight was going to be different.During the shower, Beatrice took the soapy washcloth and was washing Bennie as she always had done. Starting at his face she soaped him up working her way down along his body. She paid special attention to his cock and all around his balls before moving down his legs. By this point she was kneeling on a soft bath matt they kept in the shower for her to kneel on she sucked his cock. She turned Bennie around facing away from her and started soaping the back of his legs working towards his buttocks.This where she took the turn from their normal routine. As she soaped the cheeks of his ass, she spread them, running the washcloth down to his anus and all the way to his balls. Then standing she continued up his back. She had washed him thoroughly, from head to toe, leaving him squeaky clean.She took the shower wand and started rinsing the soap from Bennie as he rested his hands against the shower wall. She worked the water over his body rinsing the soap from him as she went. As she got to his legs, she knelt down again to finish rinsing them before bringing the wand back up to ass.She aimed the head of the wand so the water was running right down the crack of his ass and then dripping off his balls. She took her free hand and spread his cheeks apart allowing the water to flow freely over his puckered anus. Moving the wand lower she positioned so it was spraying along his balls and cock.After moving the wand, she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the crack of Bennie’s ass. She started at the base and licked him to the very top. She did this several times leaving Bennie moaning and a bit tensed. On her next lick, she stopped at his anus and ran her tongue all around his opening. She teased him slowly licking back and forth across his anus leaving Bennie moaning.The whole time she was teasing his anus, she had the shower wand spraying its stimulating effects across his balls. Bennie was so hard he felt he could burst. He had never been so stimulated before by a woman, including Beatrice’s earlier anal play. He didn’t know what her plans where but knew at this point he didn’t care as long he got to cum soon.Beatrice had continued to tease him with her tongue all over his opening. She stopped licking and placed the tip of her tongue in his opening, as she was doing this, she laid the shower wand down. Reaching up between his spread legs she gripped his cock in her hand. As she slowly pushed against his opening, she gently stroked his cock back and forth. She applied more pressure until her tongue had slipped into his opening. Once she finally had her tongue as deep as she could, she started working her tongue around the inside of his anus as she stroked him.Bennie knew he wasn’t holding out much longer to the sensations she was driving through his body. He had thought her finger in his ass was over the top but now she was tonguing him as she stroked his cock. He just couldn’t hold off he longer when she forced her tongue as deep as she could. Beatrice increased the pace of her strokes when she felt Bennie tensing up to come. Pulling his cock hard and fast with long strokes as she continued to tongue his ass deep as she could. His cock spewed streams of cum that splashed against the shower wall and ran to the floor.Beatrice finally pulled her tongue from Bennie’s anus. She rested back on her calves but continued to slowly stroke Bennie’s cock, milking the last of his cum from his balls. When she was satisfied, she released him and stood up resting against his back. She could feel Bennie still trembling from his orgasm.Leaning her head close to his ear, she whispered, “Did that feel good?”Bennie tried to answer but the first try was just a squeak. The second try he final said, “Fucking amazing!”The was just the first of many times in the following months Beatrice had licked, rimmed and tongue fucked Bennie during a shower. Eventually, Beatrice progressed it to where she was doing it to him during foreplay, not just in the shower. Bennie got very comfortable with it and loved the feeling it evoked in him. Then Beatrice took it to the next level one night.On this night sex between Bennie and Beatrice started as it usually did. There was the kissing, then the petting and touching that usually ended with Bennie sucking and playing with Beatrice’s nipples. Ultimately this would lead to him using his tongue and fingers to tease her to the first of many orgasms she would have that night.When Bennie had brought her to as many orgasms as she could handle, for the time being, that was when she took over. It would always start with her kissing and teasing him, slowly working her way to his cock. She would get him hard by stroking, licking and sucking his cock. Then pushing his legs back for him to hold up and open, she would move to licking under his balls and then along his perineum until she finally was licking and tonguing his anus.This is where things took an unexpected turn for Bennie this night. Beatrice was rimming his anus and sliding her tongue into him as deep as she could like normal. She would be stroking his cock as she played with his ass. Bennie was moaning and enjoying the sensations he had become accustomed to and then it happened, Beatrice slid a small vibrator into his anus.Bennie taking gulped in surprise at the sudden feeling and said, “What the...?”“Just relax and enjoy the feeling of it,” said Beatrice.Beatrice worked the slim five-inch vibrator into Bennie’s anus while still licking around it, providing the lube needed. Pushing it deeper and deeper until all but the cap of it was in his anus. She was stroking his cock lightly as she let him get used to having the vibrator filling his anus. She knew it would feel much fuller and might a bit uncomfortable. The cock stimulation should help him relax a bit quicker but she didn’t want him cumming until she was ready.Bennie for his part was still holding his legs back and after the initial shock of being penetrated was enjoying the feeling. Beatrice stroking his cock nice and slowly wasn’t hurting either to mellow his reaction. Then Beatrice started moving the vibrator in and out slowly fucking his ass with it. Bennie let out a moan that echoed off the bedroom walls.Beatrice slipped the vibrator out about halfway at first before pushing it back in. She did this in a slow steady pace allowing Bennie to get used to the motion. She gradually increased the length she pulled it out and the speed with which she was fucking him at. She could hear his moans and see his legs quiver as he neared an orgasm she was trying to hold him off until the last possible moment.Seeing she wasn’t going to hold him off any longer, Beatrice really picked up her pace with the vibrator. As she did this, she grabbed his cock and slipped into her mouth taking him deep and sucking his head hard. Bennie moaned he was going to cum and that was all she needed to hear. With her thumb, she hit the button on the end on the vibrator that set it to a powerful vibrating motion as she continued fucking him with it.That was it for Bennie, he let out a deep guttural sound that was somewhere between a moan and scream. Letting go of his legs he grabbed Beatrice’s head and pushed her further onto his cock as he erupted deep in her mouth and down her throat. He was cumming so hard and so fast that Beatrice had to let some of it run out around his cock and down over his balls. She felt it running over her hand as she continued fucking his ass with the vibrator.Finally, unable to take any more and completely spent Bennie panting heavily asked, “Please stop, please!”Beatrice hearing Bennie’s plea let his cock slip from her mouth and with her thumb turned off the vibrator but didn’t remove it. She just left it inserted deeply into his anus. She lifted her head, cum all over her lips and chin, she just stared at him. He was visibly shaking from his powerful orgasm. She finally slipped the vibrator from his anus before laying down and cuddling with him. Beatrice was very pleased with Bennie so easily accepting the vibrator.Beatrice being a patient woman slowly built up the size of the vibrators she used on Bennie over several months. Each one she introduced was longer thicker than the one before until she finally had Bennie relaxed enough he was taking a vibrator seven inches long and almost three inches in diameter easily each time. She always teased him to get him ready by rimming his anus and tonguing it deep as she could with her tongue but that was enough lube as the vibrators got bigger. She eventually had to start using a lube and she picked one that tasted of apples for her.Besides Beatrice’s anal play with Bennie, she had been encouraging him to be more adventurous playing with her anus as well. In conversation, while relaxing after one of their sessions of her playing with his anus, she had found out he had never had a woman anally. She decided that would have to change but first, he had to give up his anal virginity to her.They had gone out on Saturday night for a fancy dinner and then a movie. Beatrice had been very accommodating in allowing Bennie his choice of place to eat and what movie to see. She had deferred to him the whole evening, letting him relax and enjoy himself. What she had planned for later she wanted him as relaxed as she could get him.They got home it was already well past ten and Bennie was in a bit of a randy mood. He grabbed Beatrice and gave her a deep kiss that their tongues doing the dance together. She fina
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lly broke the kiss and told him to go take a shower and she’d be waiting for in bed.Bennie knew if she was wanting him to shower it was going to be a night with anal play. He didn’t mind, he had come to quite enjoy it and always had the strongest orgasms he could ever remember, which usually was with his cock pushed deep into Beatrice’s mouth or as was her latest thing, riding his cock reverse cowgirl as she continued to work the vibrator in his ass. He had been nervous when she first started with the vibrators but quickly found it super exciting.Bennie quickly took his shower drying off and taking the time to do the other thing Beatrice had taught him how to do and wanted him to keep up. He made sure his balls were smooth and hairless. The only pubic hair he had was just a small trimmed tuff above his cock. He always laughed to himself when trimming because he thought it sort of looked like a mustache for his cock.Finally, completely done he walked into the bedroom to find Beatrice naked and stretched out on the bed with a large flesh colored dildo inserted into her pussy. She was slowly stroking it in and out watching him watch her. She could see his cock start to harden almost immediately as she continued working it in and out of her pussy.Beatrice looking him right in the eyes asked, “How do you like your new toy?”Bennie’s eyes went wide because he knew if it was going to be a toy for him, it was going in his anus and he didn’t think it would fit. Beatrice just smiled.Bennie continued to watch Beatrice fuck herself with the dildo. She would work it deep and pull it out and push hard and deep again. She did this over and over never taking her eyes from his. He could tell she was getting close to orgasm. Her breath was coming quicker, her nipples whereas hard as he’d ever seen them and then it came. Her orgasm washed through her body like a wave. She pushed the dildo in deep and curled up around it as her body shook uncontrollably until she finally laid still.Slowly uncurling herself she looked up at Bennie and said, “Your turn to enjoy it.”Getting up off the bed, Beatrice still had the dildo inserted into her pussy. Bennie noticed it moved almost like his cock does when he is hard and moving around. He was more than a bit mesmerized by it and the fact Beatrice didn’t remove it.Beatrice laid a large bath towel across the bed. She then went to the closest and pulled out a large wedge-shaped object and laid it on the bed. She adjusted it so it was about halfway down the bed on top of the towel so it was under it. Bennie noticed it was about four feet wide with a large horseshoe area cut out of it.As he watched, Beatrice dropped a bottle of lube in the cut-out area and then laid one smaller vibrator and one of the larger ones in the cut-out as well. It didn’t take long for Bennie to realize that the cut out was for his cock and balls if he was laying on his belly. He watched as she finished the rest of her preparations.Turning to Bennie, Beatrice said, “Get up here and lay on your back. I’ll slide a pillow under your head so you can look up at me.”Doing as instructed, he climbed up on the bed but paused for a moment, trying best to figure out how to position himself. Beatrice helped him and had him sit on the tail end of the wedge and helped him lay back until his head was resting on the pillow she positioned for him. Laying like this, looking slightly uphill, he could clearly see his cock in its softened state. He decided he was comfortable for now but was unsure how comfortable it would be for the long term. Little did he know, that his comfort was soon to be the last thing on his mind.Beatrice made sure Bennie was comfortable and the moved so she was kneeling between his legs. She had done a lot of looking to find the wedge he was currently laying on. She had wanted it at just the right height for this moment.Looking at Bennie, she said, “Let’s do something about your current state.”Leaning forward and placing her hands along his hips, she took the head of his cock between her lips, running her tongue along the slit. Bennie moaned and lifted his hips towards and she just gently pushed him back down. Slowly working her way over his head until it was completely engulfed, she kept working her way down his shaft until her nose touched his little cock mustache. She sucked his shaft hard feeling him swell before she slowly worked her way back up, finally releasing him. He was hard and wet, just as she wanted.Shifting to get more comfortable with her dildo still in, she bent her head and ran her tongue over his balls. She took each one between her lips and sucked it and run her tongue over it before releasing it. Then working her way down across his perineum, running her tongue along that sensitive patch of skin before reaching her desired point.She licked across Bennie’s anus causing him to jump. She worked her tongue around it, licking along the rim before pushing the tip of her tongue through the opening. This elicited sharp moans of excitement from Bennie. She continued working her tongue in and out and around his anus until he was lubed with her saliva.Now she was satisfied he was ready, she picked up the small vibrator and placed it against his anus. Beatrice slowly pushed it against his anus until the first inch slipped in. Bennie moaned and his legs flexed as she continued to push it deep. Finally, she had it all the way into its full five inches in length. Working it in and out, she slowly was fucking his anus with it.Getting back to her knees, she could reach Bennie’s cock and she wrapped her hand around it. At first, she slowly worked it up and down, stretching the skin tight along the shaft with each stroke. As she increased her rhythm fucking his anus, she also increased the speed she was stroking his cock at. Bennie was lifting his hips up off the wedge, trying to fuck her hand as she stroked his cock. He was so close to cumming that he was getting close to begging for release. His moans and sounds of pending orgasm where blending together the longer Beatrice held him off. Suddenly it happened, Bennie exploded, sending a stream of cum high in the air splashing down on his stomach. The rest landed like a trail until the last little bit ran over Beatrice’s hand.Beatrice, continued to stroke his cock, milking him of all of his cum. She also continued fucking his ass with the vibrator during this whole time. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over Bennie’s cock head, sweeping some of his puddled cum up with her tongue before letting go of it. She reached for a towel and ran it over his stomach and to his cock, wiping up his cum.Even though Beatrice was still working the vibrator in his anus, Bennie thought they were done. Usually, this is where they would cuddle and caress each other until they both had recovered. After that, it was usually whatever sexual positions they felt like fucking in until they both had fucked themselves senseless. Tonight, it was going to be different. Beatrice didn’t show any signs of stopping tonight to cuddle. She just continued working his anus.“Did that feel good, darling?” Beatrice asked.Still enjoying the sensation of cumming and the vibrator still being worked in his ass, Bennie just mumbled a yes.Beatrice just smiled at him and slipped the small vibrator from his anus. Bennie relaxed a little assuming she was done. He could not have been more wrong. Beatrice wrapped her hand around his cock that had gone mostly soft after his hard orgasm and started stroking him again gently, urging it back to life. It responded, along with Bennie by moaning at her action. When she had him nice and hard she let go.Looking into Bennie’s eyes, Beatrice said, “Now you are ready for the next part.”Beatrice reached down and picked up the bottle of lube. She squirted a large amount on her fingers and started rubbing it into Bennie’s anus. To keep him relaxed and distracted until she was ready, she bent down and took his cock in her mouth. As she worked first, then a second and third finger into his well-lubed anus, she worked the length of his cock with her lips and tongue.She could feel him relax as she had three fingers working his well-lubed anus and decided he was ready. Letting his cock slip from her mouth she shifted until she was kneeling close to him. Taking the bottle of lube, she squirted some on the end of the strapless dildo. Working it all over the length to make sure it was well lubed.Once she was satisfied, she moved up to Bennie until the head of the dildo was pressing against his anus. He attempted to squirm away in surprise and a little bit of fear running through him but Beatrice caught him by his hips and held him still.She moved her pelvis forward, pushing the head of her dildo into Bennie’s anus. He grimaced as it started stretching him open further than any of the vibrators ever had. Beatrice kept the pressure, not pushing too hard but continually applying more force until she had the first several inches inserted in Bennie’s anus. She stopped for a minute to let him relax, all the while talking to him.“Relax and let it slide in just like the biggest vibrator sweetie.”For his part, Bennie was just trying not tense up too much. He knew that it would be better to relax but had never had anything this big. He could feel Beatrice’s body push against him which was a new sensation as well. With the vibrators, she usually stroked his cock as she pushed the vibrator in with her hand.Beatrice started pushing forward again, dribbling some lube over the dildo as it disappeared in Bennie’s anus. Then she was finally resting against him, fully inserted. Bennie moaned as he felt her settle against his ass, knowing she had the dildo completely in him. Beatrice let Bennie relax and get used to the feeling of being so full. Then she started moving back and forth in slow short strokes, only moving about an inch of the dildo back and forth. This sent Bennie moaning softly.Beatrice used one hand to help steady herself as she slowly moved further in and out and the other to stroke Bennie’s now rigid cock. She had seen him hard while playing but had never seen him this hard. She could see the little veins stand out along the length of his cock as she worked her hand up and down its length. She would run her thumb over the head every few strokes and all the while increasing her pace fucking him.Bennie had finally let himself go to what Beatrice was doing. He was squirming in ecstasy and pleasure, moaning loudly for her to fuck him.Beatrice was doing just that. She had a very steady pace, pulling almost out before plunging back in but she knew Bennie was close to coming. His balls were drawn up and she could almost fill the cum working its way through his cock. She wanted him to have as much pleasure as she could give him. Holding his cock tighter, she stroked him with long hard strokes, stretching his cock as far as she could on each stroke.That was it, Bennie had no more control, his cock erupted like a cannon. The angle Beatrice had it while stroking the first blast out landed squarely on Bennie’s face, the second and third hit him on the chest, the fourth on his stomach, after that Beatrice was just milking what was left. It just ran off the head and down over Beatrice’s hand.Beatrice had the other end of the strapless dildo buried in her pussy as she fucked Bennie. This was pushing her towards an orgasm as well. When Bennie bucked his hips in his orgasm, it pushed the dildo into just the right spot setting of Beatrice’s own orgasm. She leaned forward into Bennie, pushing both ends of the dildo deep into her and him at the same time. She shook as her orgasm ripped through her. She could feel her own juices running over her thighs.When it was all over with, Beatrice was resting against Bennie with the dildo still firmly in place but that is all that could be said because neither Bennie or Beatrice had the strength to keep going. Beatrice finally leaned back, pulling the dildo from Bennie and then from her own pussy. It glistened with lube and pussy juice.Beatrice crawled up next to Bennie, helping him to get off the wedge and wiping the cum from his face. They cuddled together, sharing a few kisses and a few whispers. The one Beatrice was glad to hear was Bennie’s softly spoken one, “When can we do this again?”Beatrice just held him tighter and whispered back, “Whenever you want.”With that, the two exhausted lovers dropped off into a light slumber holding each other tight.

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