Romanian Insatiable Cock Fucks Her Fuck With Her Perverse Husband

Romanian Insatiable Cock Fucks Her Fuck With Her Perverse Husband

I wondered what kind of fun Jeannie would come up with today. I really enjoyed her yesterday and was pretty pumped up for today’s festivities. I hoped she'd take out her strap-on toy again. I never would have believed how much it actually turned me on. I enjoyed her being aggressive with me. I peeked out between my blinds and saw that she was wearing her bikini and was with another woman, who didn’t look like any of the other housewives on the block. But she was as pretty as Jeannie. The lady had blonde straight hair and she too had enormous breasts. She was fit like Jeannie. I did consider if other neighbors wondered why Jeannie washed her car so much. Maybe they enjoyed watching her strut her stuff, too. I wondered if I was her only boy toy. Her husband was always traveling and her kid was always in daycare. She always seemed to be on free time. I liked that about her. She was becoming a drug for me. I needed my MILF fix every day and I was thrilled that she liked fucking me. I already felt like I had won the lottery. A MILF that loves her stud muffin. A stud muffin that loves MILF cunt. I noticed the girls were soaping Jeannie’s car and were spraying water on each other. I saw Jeannie looking up at my window. That’s when they started kissing and feeling each other. I couldn’t believe my MILF whore was making out with this gorgeous woman. They were jumping up together and their breasts jiggled in their bikini tops while they sucked face with each other. The mystery woman put her hands into Jeannie’s bikini bottom while she sprayed her with the hose. Jeannie had motioned to me to come out to join them. While I watched them play, I was stroking on my cock. I moved my fingers up and down my hard dick. I held my smooth balls and imagined the two women having oral sex. I was fantasizing that they were licking each other's pussies. The thoughts running through my mind were filthy, very naughty. I was pulling on my cock and, after only a few tugs, I came on my palm. I knew that I'd be fucking them later when I went over there. I'm a young stud and my recovery time is rather quick. Just show me some boobs and a bald pussy and I'm hard. I was interested to discover who the other babe was. I hoped whoever she was, that she'd be interested in me and my cock. I planned on fucking her in every hole, too. These MILF's they love cock. They love for you to fuck them hard and make them cum. I was dreaming of playing with two sets of breasts and two pretty cunts. The girls at college can be pretty wild too. I've had group sex at college. I'm pretty sure having a threesome with two experienced MILF's was much better then fucking mindless college girls. I hurried into the bathroom and showered, dressed and walked over to Jeannie’s house. The two women were hand toweling the car and playfully teasing each other. “Doug, this is my stepsister, Laura.," said Jeannie. "Laura, this is Doug.” “Nice to meet you, Doug. I’ve heard all good things about you.” I smirked at her and smiled at Jeannie. I had no idea what she was thinking. I wondered if her and her stepsister often fucked around together. It made no difference to me. They were two hot MILF’s needing a young, hot stud to fill their holes. They were a guy’s total wet dream. Two horny and hot MILF’s that needed cock. I knew that today would be an exceptionally great day. If they didn’t have a problem being together then it was certainly not an issue with me. I was looking forward to tasting Laura’s pussy and fucking her tight hole. I couldn’t wait to get busy with these two hot mama’s. I already enjoyed fucking my MILF whore. I was excited to fuck her stepsister, too. “Let's go into the house. We'd like to give you a blow job. Would you like that?” “Yes! I’d love two hot MILF’s sharing my dick." “We'll go upstairs to my bedroom. We'll be more comfortable up there." We followed Jeannie to her bedroom. I was looking at both of their gorgeous bodies while we walked up the stairs. I couldn’t believe these beauties were going to be having intercourse with me soon. My cock was hard in my shorts. I couldn’t wait to get started. Jeannie and Laura helped me undress, pulling off my shirt and unzipping my shorts. They pulled down my silk boxers and, to their surprise, my cock sprang up to greet them. “He’s got a great dick for sucking,” Laura said. “I told you. He’s very talented, too. Wait until later.” I was standing and the two MILF stepsister's were on their knees. They stroked my cock from base to head and took turns kissing on my smooth balls. Jeannie went first and licked and sucked on my left ball. Laura licked and kissed the right one. They both had their mouths on my jewels. I was playing with their hair. “Laura, why don’t you suck his cock first?” “Okay.” Laura moved in front of me and Jeannie moved behind her and untied her bikini top. She cupped and massaged her full and firm tits. She kissed Laura’s neck and was whispering sweet things into her ear. She also put one hand down the back of Laura’s bikini bottoms. She was playing with her buttocks, massaging and exploring her full ass cheeks. Laura wrapped her lipstick lips around my cock. She bobbed along my hard dick. Jeannie was squeezing Laura's breasts together and kissing her neck. Laura was moaning between sucks. It was so fucking hot watching her give me head. Her nipples were stiff like erasers. Jeannie made sure to turn and twist each one. I was salivating watching them. “Let me take a turn,” said Jeannie.They switched spots and Jeannie knelt in front of me. She took my cock into her mouth and Laura untied Jeannie's bikini top and massaged her firm tits. I was moaning and moving my hips and fucking Jeannie’s m
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outh. I loved how she sucked my cock. She was making all kinds of wet, sucking noises while she was deep throating my dick. “I'm coming. Fuck!" I was so excited and blasted a load of cum down Jeannie’s throat. She didn’t swallow it though. She kissed her stepsister and then spat my come into her throat and Laura swallowed my hot junk down her throat. They were making out, feeling each other’s breasts. I played with my cock it while the two MILF stepsister’s kissed and played with each other. “Laura, I want to taste your pussy. Let’s sixty-nine.” “Okay.” The stepsister’s stood and removed their bikini bottoms. Laura got comfortable on the bed and Jeannie climbed on top of her. They just looked at each other’s cunts and then got busy, licking each other’s bald pussies. Tongues were all over each other’s wet snatches and I heard all kinds of sloppy eating noises. It was hot as fuck to watch and I told them, “This is wicked hot. You ladies are so fucking sexy.” I couldn’t believe my luck. First, they were stepsister’s which was making this so fucking hot and they seemed to be bi-sexual and loving to eat cunt. This was better than any porno I ever saw. Each girl was lapping and sucking on the other’s pink folds. They were sucking on swollen clits and tongue fucking the tight sweet holes. I couldn’t wait to taste their pussies, too. I sure hoped there was lots of cream for me to enjoy. It was like a damn pussy buffet. Two kittens licking and slurping on MILF cunt. I was so aroused and felt myself getting hard again. I just wanted to fuck one and eat the other. But, I patiently watched them eat each other. “I have to get in on the action. How about I lie down and one of you rides me and the other can ride my face. I’ve got to feel some cunts on me!” “Okay. Sounds like fun. Laura, you can fuck him. I’ll ride his face.” The stepsister's got up and I went onto the bed. Laura straddled me and eased her wet pussy down on my cock. Jeannie squatted onto my face. She moved her wet pussy on my tongue. I lapped and adored her bald cunt. I pushed my tongue up inside her and she rode my tongue. Her pussy juices oozed out of her. I licked her like a crazed cat. “You're so good at this. Fuck!" Laura positioned herself on my cock and rode me like a hot cowgirl. She was rolling her curvy hips on my hard cock. Her cunt was so fucking wet while she rocked and moved on my dick. I was enjoying Jeannie’s sweet juices that were trickling out of her pussy folds. She was moaning and groaning while I licked her sloppy cunt. I could tell that Laura was arching her back. I was bucking my cock hard into her cunt. Her pussy was clenching hard onto my dick which was making me fuck her that much harder. Jeannie screamed out that she had an orgasm. I drank her warm juices oozing from her pussy flower. I was like a pig in shit."I’m coming!” Laura had an orgasm on my hard cock. My dick and balls were soaked from her pussy juices. “Let’s switch. I want to fuck him now.” Laura squatted on my mouth and I licked all the cream that was pouring out of her pussy. Her cunt tasted amazing. I couldn’t get enough of her taste, slurping and sucking on her sweet pussy. Jeannie eased down on my cock and moved her bald pussy up and down. I was licking and sucking on Laura’s swollen clit which was making her moan and groan. The stepsister’s leaned into each other and were kissing one another. They were playing with each other’s breasts. I was tongue fucking Laura’s cunt. Moving my tongue deeper and deeper into her love canal. She was making all kinds of noises while I ate her pussy which was turning me on so much. Jeannie was rocking and moving and arching while she rode me hard. Her pussy felt like warm velvet. I began bucking up inside of her and we both came together. I filled her with my warm cum and her pussy juices sprayed onto my cock. “We came together. You’re amazing, Doug!” Laura continued to work her pussy all over my face and I tongued her until she said, “Fucking hell. I’m coming. Shit.” Laura had an orgasm on my face. I happily drank her juices.  “We'll clean your cock again. Just relax while we take care of you.” “You got it!” The MILF stepsister’s moved towards my feet. They each took turns licking my cock like a lollipop. One would suck my cock while the other one sucked on my balls. I was enjoying all the attention. It was really naughty that they were stepsister’s. It was rather taboo and kinky. “You girls are amazing. That was so fucking hot.” “It was a lot of fun. I figure your ass is still probably sore from yesterday. Laura is going to be staying with me for a few days. Maybe tomorrow we could play with the strap on again?” “That sounds like a lot of fun. You're right my asshole is a bit sore today. But, I'm sure tomorrow, I'll feel like being used again." We all giggled and both the girls were sandwiched between me. We were kissing and playing with each other’s bodies. I was so excited that Jeannie and Laura were totally into me. They both seemed to like my cock and what I could do to them. I was hoping that each time we had sex, it would be better then the last time. Today was pretty hot and I’ll definitely be jerking off most of the night thinking about it. “Doug, I made you some more cookies. Oatmeal raisin today.” “Your chocolate chip ones were delicious. I look forward to tasting the new ones.” After a while, we dressed and I gave them each a kiss. We walked down to the kitchen and Jeannie gave me another tin of cookies. I walked out of her house thinking I was the luckiest guy on the planet. A MILF whore who likes to fuck and who also likes to fuck her stepsister. Life was grand.

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