He takes his cousin into the woods and makes fun of her

He takes his cousin into the woods and makes fun of her

It had just gone quarter to midnight and Diane had reduced her pacing up and down the hallway to a small shuffle in either direction. Where the hell is that girl? She thought. It wasn’t even a Friday or Saturday night, but she still decided to break her curfew.Any more of this nonsense, young lady and you will never leave the house again. Toni, her eighteen-year-old daughter was in trouble more often than she cared to admit, and Diane was sick of telling her to be in by curfew. She had set these rules and boundaries so that Toni didn’t end up like the dirty little sluts she associated with, had scantily-clad pictures in her room of and had already adopted several less than ladylike traits from.Diane was no prude, but her philosophy was that if you want your little girl to grow up without three kids by the age of twenty, there had to be some form of discipline in their lives. You couldn’t just run headfirst into life just because it looked and felt good. One had to make room in their head for conscientiousness too.Diane had never been disappointed in Toni, but she feared that one day she might.Her eyes suddenly shot to the door as she heard her drunken daughter attempting to put her key in the lock. The key scraped the metal lock several times before it finally found its way into the hole. Diane rolled her eyes. Oh, give me strength.When the door finally opened, Toni stumbled in, almost going over on her five-inch sandal heels. “Oops,” she said and laughed as she regained her balance.Toni had the long legs most high school girls dreamed of having. The kind you would spend time oiling so they gleamed in the light. Slim and firm thighs with shapely calves and two alluring, well-kept feet that only added to the beauty of a pair of strappy sandal heels.Diane stood with her arms folded. “Where the hell have you been, girl?” she asked with intense command in her voice.Toni looked up to see her mother. Her laughter stopped and she suddenly began to have the sobering feeling that she was about to be in deep trouble. “Oh, mommy, I’m s-sorry I’m late. I was just out with some friends, th-th-that’s all.”“Your curfew is at ten o’clock, Toni, not quarter to midnight. How many times do I have to tell you this? Jesus Christ, you had me worried. It’s bad enough you hang around with those little harlots, but now you have to act like one?”“Excuse m-me? A-a harlot? Is that what you called me?”“Where exactly have you been, Toni?”“Just a club... with friends, that’s all.”“There must have been some boys there. There usually are, aren’t there?”Toni stumbled to one side but caught herself on the bannister. She slowly slid down it and sat on the second bottom stair, trying to keep her legs together so her mother couldn’t see up her tiny mini skirt, but it didn’t work.Diane froze when she caught a glimpse of her daughter’s bare pussy, complete with two smooth, plump lips and adorable pink clit poking out from between them ever so slightly. It may have just been a fleeting glance, but that was all she needed to see that her little girl had come home glazed.Toni took a moment to gather her thoughts and then realized that she had her cooter on display. She didn’t normally care, but this time she shut them closed until her knees touched. Fuck, did she see my pussy? She wondered. Even in her drunken state, she knew her mom was getting wise to her sordid activities by letting her see her freshly loved cunt.Diane sighed, “I know what you get up to, young lady. I wasn’t born yesterday,“ she said.“Oh, here we g-go. Just because I have an active sex life it means I’m a filthy s-slut, right, mom? J-jeez, didn’t you fool around when you were my age?”“I was building a business at your age, Toni. Don’t ever forget that!”Toni laughed, “Oh yeah, that business. What was it again? Slut Factor, that w-was it! That thing you did w-with all your girlfriends. Recording them on some old ass camera doing… u-unspeakable things with some dirty boys, and then selling it to dirty old men. All while you should have been in s-school, huh?”Diane grew enraged at the sheer cheek she was getting from her own flesh and blood. To stand there and be insulted by her drunken little tart was too much to take. “Now you listen to me. Yes, I may have had a small seedy business then and I was no saint, but I want a lot better for you in your teenage years. Things were different back then. People had to make money in all sorts of ways. Besides, I made myself quite the business out of it. You are living in a big house because of it. Now get the fuck up to your room, go to bed and I will talk to you in the morning!”Toni rolled her eyes and turned herself around until she lay her stomach on the stairs. She then climbed them on all fours, showing her mother the impressive wiggle she had perfected since the age of sixteen. Her short skirt just barely hid the two reasons the boys went to the club on a school night.Disappointed and angry, Diane returned to the living room and watched a movie she’d had on pause since eleven-thirty.A few hours went by and Diane had managed to calm herself with a few glasses of wine. She didn’t normally drink that much, but it had been her argument with Toni that made her take that second medium glass.The movie had ended. Diane sat staring at the credits. She thought about how her life had changed from when she was Toni’s age. She did in fact sell dirty movies to dirty old men wanting to see school girls getting fucked and taking Bukakke like whores. In only two years she had made enough money to move to the city and rent herself a beautiful apartment overlooking the canal.As she built her business further, she acquired three major porn websites and created her own lesbian porn series called Sisters in Sin. But she also remembered that it wasn’t just her hard work that got her to where she was today. More often than not, she had to also perform in her own porn movies just to make sure they were made correctly.Diane switched off the TV after the movie finished. She took her wine glass back to the kitchen and climbed the stairs to go to bed.When she got to her room she felt a little sexy from the wine. She slid her hands down her waist in front of the mirror and admired herself. Her ample breasts stood out in front, her ass had been just as perky as it had been in her porn movies.She threw back the covers and opened her dresser drawer. She then searched through her bras and thongs for her special friend, only it wasn’t there. “What the fuck? Where did I put the damn thing?”She searched the other drawers and even under the bed and under the pillows, it was nowhere to be found. She thought for a moment and then said, “Wait a God damn minute.“ She left the room and crept down the hallway towards Toni’s bedroom.So far it was silent, but as she inched closer and pressed her ear to the door, she could make out faint moaning noises coming from inside. Her first thought was that Toni had taken her toy, but she also wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and thought that she couldn’t just be using her fingers.The moans grew slightly louder. “Oh yes, yes. Fuck, you’re so fucking thick. Oh my God. Fuck my pussy, big boy.”Thick? Diane thought. That little…Diane threw Toni’s door open and almost shrieked as she saw her little girl, butt naked with her legs spread like a cheerleader, riding up and down on a nine-inch long pink dildo.She supported it with one hand as she bounced up and down, her firm round tits bouncing and jiggling with each thrust. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see her mother looking stone-cold shocked in the doorway. She cried out, “Oh, fuck my pussy slutty little pussy, big daddy!”“That’s enough!” Diane yelled.Toni opened her eyes and looked in terror at her mother’s scorn. Even though she was still drunk, she felt the hot spikes of fear and dread stab at her naked flesh.“Oh my God, mom, what the fuck? Get out!” She stumbled and tried to close her legs to hide the dildo that she had managed to work in almost all the way. She stumbled when she moved and pressed herself harder onto the rubber cock. Although she felt it inappropriate, she couldn’t help but let out a pleasing moan as it filled her more.Diane stormed into the room and grabbed Toni by the arm, trying to avoid noticing the smell of sex coming from between her daughter's legs. She pulled her to her knees and looked her square in the eye. “Are you fucking kidding me? “ she yelled. “How can you disrespect me even more than you are right now? You waltz in late, as usual, show me nothing but lip and now I find out you’ve been going through my things and… That is mine, Toni. How can a girl of your age even fit something that size inside her?”Toni’s eyes were glazed and half-shut but soon widened when she suddenly became angry. “Get away from me,” she yelled and pulled her arm away from her mother’s clutches. “What’s the big deal? I was going to put it back!”“Don’t you understand what boundaries are, girl? How can you use that after I have? How am I going to be able to use it after knowing that my own daughter has been fucking it?”“Christ, mom, it’s not a big fucking deal. I’ll wash it after I’m finished!”“For God sake, Toni, why are you not more concerned that your own mother has caught you naked and playing with a dildo? Is that all you think about? Sex? Are your only concerns where you’re going to find the next cock to sit and suck on?”Diane had never been this furious in her life, and she had never spoken to her daughter like that before, nor even had thoughts about speaking to her in such a way. She tried hard to stop herself, but she continued to roar at the top of her lungs after seeing Toni look defiantly at her whilst still balancing on her feet so as to not fall balls-deep onto the rubber cock.“Get it out and clean it up now, young lady. That talk I’m going to give you in the morning might become another screaming match, so I want to get my Goddamn rest. It’s not enough you have to go out and fuck the first cock you see, but now that’s not enough for you? Now you have to steal my toy to pleasure you as well? How much does it take, Toni?”Through gritted teeth, Toni replied, “I didn’t fuck any guys tonight, mother. I didn’t sit on, suck, lick or fuck any cock tonight. I didn’t let any guy empty his ball sack on my face, my tits, my pussy, my ass or anywhere. Yeah, I wasn’t slurping on any boys come tonight! But thanks for calling me a fucking slut anyway!”“Don’t you dare use any of that language in my home, girl. I’m warning you!”Toni tore her arm away from her mother, “Or what, you’ll call me a Slut some more?” She then fell to her knees on the bed and to Diane’s shock, began to bounce up and down on the dildo.She began to grunt and moan, not so much out of pleasure, but out of making her mother feel uncomfortable. “Urg, look at this little slut, mommy! Go on, fucking look at the slut you raised fucking a big giant rubber cock right in front of you! Oh, she’s a fucking pro. Look at her go! Yes-yes-yes!”“Stop it, you dirty little bitch!”“Oh fuck yes, mommy, that’s what all the boys call me when they fuck me hard against the wall!” Toni’s face turned bright red from the feeling of the rubber dick stretching her, but also from realizing what she was doing. She knew it would take her a while to get over the embarrassment of pleasing herself in front of her mother, but in that moment she’d been too angry and intoxicated to give a shit. She continued, “Only not tonight, because tonight your little slut was eating pussy!”Ignoring for a moment her daughter’s actions, Diane looked at Toni with her trademark what the fuck? face. The face that made Toni know that she has some explaining to do.Toni grinned at her bewildered mother, panting and with her head spinning with enjoyment. “Yeah, mommy, your little girl loves to eat pussy too. I know you do too, I’ve seen it in those videos you were in. Oh fuck, mommy, you are a dirty slut too.”Mortified, Diane recounted every one of her company’s porn movies that she had been in. Between the ages of eighteen and forty-three, she had been between the legs of over thirty women alone. She’d also enjoyed herself immensely on many men too and has gained a rather seedy reputation for being able to hold the most sperm in her mouth in the whole industry for a few years.“What the hell do you think you are doing looking at those videos? Stop fucking that thing and talk to me now, damn it!”Toni stopped. Breathless, she sat back down on the bed with the dildo now balls deep in her with the large rubber testicles jammed against her come-drenched flaps. She rubbed the orgasm from her fingertips onto her perky breasts whilst grinning at her mother.Diane’s heart was racing. How could she have raised the sex-hungry harlot she saw before her? She was almost as out of breath as her daughter from just watching her. Now she knew how experienced her daughter was in the art of sex. She herself had never had so much fun with that dildo, yet here sat her daughter, soaked with orgasm between her legs, sexually satisfied to the point that she didn’t even want to take it out of her pussy after using it.“Go and clean that dildo, Toni. I never want you to use it again, and more importantly, I never want you to watch those videos. Ever! I can’t believe what I heard from you just now, such filth! Why did you watch your own mother doing porn? It’s not right, girl, I never want you to see me like that!”Toni caught her breath and said “But you’re so… sexy, mommy. I love watching you have sex.”“Excuse me? I think I’m going to have a heart attack. What did you just say to me?”“I’m sorry, mommy, it’s true.” Toni took the balls of the dildo between her fingers and slowly pulled it out, revealing a perfect film or teenage orgasm from base to tip. She gasped as the head stretched her lips apart on its way out. “I never wanted to admit to it, but I’ve seen almost all of your porn videos. I love them. I love you, mommy.” She then ran
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the wet dildo over her hard nipples and then began to suck on the head before sucking it deeper, eager to taste her own come.Diane grabbed Toni’s arm again and tried to wrestle the dildo from her mouth. “Give me that now! Stop it, just stop it!”The dildo slid from Toni’s mouth, but she still held onto it. A thick string of her saliva now handled from the head of the rubber cock. She panted and moaned “No, mommy, please suck it. Suck it with me, mommy, please! Please taste my come, I want you to love it.”Diane saw herself throwing Toni out on her ass for the night, naked or not. But before she could say anything, her daughter pressed the soaking dildo her lips, essentially violating any normal mother-daughter relationship that they’d had left.Diane stumbled and held on to the edge of the bed. She tightened her lips, trying to stop the dildo going in any further. She could taste it. It tasted like her own, like any other woman’s orgasm, but what made it taste sour was the fact that it came from between the legs of her own daughter.Toni knelt up on the bed and pressed her face to her mother’s. She kissed and licked her cheeks, chin and even her neck. As she panted she said, “Oh, mommy, I love you so much. I think about you all the time when I come hard. I want you to make me come, mommy! I don’t want to fight with you anymore. I want to love you! “Diane finally managed to wrench the dildo from her mouth. “Toni, get off of me, you’ve gone too far this time. What is wrong with you?”Toni looked into her mother’s eyes lovingly. “You looked so much like me. I wanted to be with you in those videos. We would have looked like twins, mommy.”Diane was lost for words. All she could hear was her daughter’s dirty confession and the slow dripping of her come on her bedsheets. She debated whether she even felt anger anymore or if she felt like her daughter needed professional help. “Toni, sweetheart, I think… I think you need to see someone. I’m worried about you. Why do you feel this way about me?”“I’ve never known why, but I know I’ve been in love with you for the past two years. I know it’s not right…. But I can’t help it.”“Sweetie, you can’t be in love with your mother. It’s not possible. I mean we’ve never-““Never what, kissed? I’d love to!” Without giving much warning, Toni pressed her lips against her mother’s and took her by the waist to hold her close.Diane held her hands free of Toni in protest of what was happening but didn’t pull away until her daughter’s tongue slid into her mouth. She gasped and mumbled until she could break free of the kiss. “Toni, no!”“Please, mommy, don’t make me beg! I know you know how to please a girl. Let’s take our love to a new level!” She kissed her mother’s cheeks as Diane tried to dodge her mouth. She struggled to keep her daughter at a safe distance, but the little slut was just too scrappy.Toni managed to wrap her arms around me mother and kiss her again. Their lips smacked together, but it had only been Toni’s tongue contributing. She panted in between kisses, “Mm, mommy. Kiss your little girl. I love you so much.”Diane stood frozen and wide-eyed. All she could do was let her daughter kiss her passionately with her filthy whore lips. She felt Toni’s soft blonde hair brush against her face. She smelled so beautiful. It was the perfume Diane had gotten her for her birthday. She then managed to break out of her daze and touch Toni gently by the shoulder. “Toni, what if people found out about us? We would get in a lot of trouble, do you understand?”“We won’t let anyone know. This can be our secret. We’ll keep our special relationship inside the house. Don’t you want to be with me, mommy?” She panted and took one hand from her mother’s waist and placed it between her legs, feeling the heat and liquid she’d built up playing with mommy’s sex toy.She gasped and rocked her hips against her fingers. She dripped onto her sheets and moaned gently into her mother’s ear.Diane looked down, wide-eyed and saw her daughter pleasing her own pussy. Her own perfect well kept and shaven pussy. The pussy of a naughty girl that wanted to keep it precious for whoever wished to use it next. She began to pant in unison with her daughter. “I’m… I’m your mother. I… love you. I don’t know… Toni…”Once again, Toni kissed her mother, and this time the feeling had been more mutual. Diane didn’t pull away, but instead pressed against her daughter’s mouth, her eyes closed, but with the mental image of nothing more than static.Her mind exploding from the bizarre turn of events, Diane barely noticed her tongue now danced with her daughter’s. Her arms wrapped around Toni’s shoulders almost as if she’d been possessed. How is she doing this? Is she making me? This can’t be. I can’t be about to sleep with my own daughter.Diane recalled the pseudo-incest porn she’d made a few years back before finally retiring to stay behind the camera. She imagined Toni had seen quite a few of them as there had been plenty of them out there. Now Toni wanted to do the real thing. Not with a step-mommy, but her real, flesh and blood, born from her own womb mommy.They parted lips but their tongues remained entwined. Their slippery wet, kiss echoed through the room. In between lip smacks, Diane would whisper “No. We can’t. We mustn’t… no…”All of which would fall on Toni’s deaf ears and she pulled her mother onto the bed. Diane started to panic and feel her heart race. She thought about ending it right there and then until she looked into her daughter’s mystifying gaze. Her eyes were a little puffy from being upset. Diane wanted to make her feel better. She always wanted her daughter to feel better, but not like this before.Diane lay on top of her daughter’s naked body that was now squirming under her. Out of nowhere, she kissed Toni’s pretty neck. Toni gasped and wrapped her legs around her. They were both now locked in a passionate embrace, with Diane’s lips and tongue gently moistening her daughter’s skin, her neck, shoulders and cheeks.With each kiss came a flood of confusion, guilt but also lust. With each kiss came a desire for more. She felt herself gain more control over her own actions. Both her brain and heart told her to go for it, to fuck her daughter and let her make her come like she’d wanted for so long.As they began their taboo love-making in Toni’s bed, the moan of, “I love you,” became more frequent. Diane managed to wriggle free of her blouse and throw it to the floor beside her daughter’s slutty ‘fuck me’ heels. Toni had kindly helped her out of her bra and tossed it to the bottom of her bed.Toni grabbed her mother’s full, bare breast and cried out as she had finally gotten to do what she had wanted four so long. She rolled them both over in bed, took a bigger handful of mommy’s breast and slid her tongue over her nipple, making mommy shake and moan louder.Diane looked down at her pretty little girl sucking her tits. Toni’s mouth began to spread over her breast, sucking squeezing for the life of her. “Oh, baby,” cried Diane, “I love you. Suck on my tits forever. Mommy loves you so much.”Diane unbuttoned her pants and wriggled her hips to lower them to her knees, revealing a sexy pair of black panties that revealed just enough buttock to keep them guessing. A pink heart was embroidered onto the front.Toni used her foot to slide Diane’s pants to her ankles. They then slid over the tip of her polished toes and let them fall to the floor. With her mouth firmly clamped onto her mother’s breast and sucking on it, she slid her hands down her waist and cupped her mother’s firm buttock, pushing her panties out of the way with her fingertips.Diane spread her legs to let Toni’s fingers dig between her buttocks. They both cried out as they experienced their brand new feelings for one another. “I love your body, mommy. So firm and sexy. Your tits are so beautiful.”Gasping, Diane replied, “Oh, good girl. Such a good girl. Touch me, touch mommy. I want your hands all over me.” She took her daughter’s young, round breast in her hand and began to suck on it. Her experience with fucking women for years on camera made her an expert on sucking tits the way that could help bring women to orgasm in a matter of minutes.Her lips smacked off Toni’s breasts, she smothered them with her saliva until her daughter's beautiful chest was gleaming from the bedroom light. She’d made Toni cry and moan in a way she’d only heard other women do. She never thought of hearing such orgasmic sounds coming from her own daughter.Toni stroked her mother’s flat stomach before reaching into her panties and setting of the ultimate mental fireworks. Mommy’s pussy. It was so smooth, soft and ever increasingly wet. Her fingertips dabbed at her mother’s pussy lips and became moistened with her warm, sweet liquid. She smiled, impressed and excited.With her middle finger, she parted her mother’s lips and sunk it deep inside her. She felt mommy clamp down, but then loosen to let her finger roam freely. She heard her pussy squelching with each thrust of her finger. Mommy was so horny. It felt like a pussy with a lot of experience and looked it too with her meaty clit now enveloping her knuckles.Diane cried out and lifted her leg in the air. The thought of getting finger-fucked by her own daughter gave her the sexual thrill years of porn had never managed to achieve. She felt alive yet so dirty.They kissed once more as Diane spread her pussy lips and trusted her hips towards Toni’s fingers. “Yes, yes, yes!” Toni could head her mother’s muffled cries. She inserted one more finger and hooked them inside her, the way mommy used to do to the young girls playing her daughter online.Diane fished the still wet dildo from under them both, and teased her daughter’s vagina with it until she slid the rubber cock head between her lips and felt it slide naturally inside her.Toni yelped, “Fuck me, mommy, yes!” Her voice grew higher and higher with each passing moan.Diane slid the cock in and out of her daughter with greater force, amazed at how easy she took it. Oh my God, she’s such a slut. She thought, but with a sense of lust and pride for a change. She twisted the cock and she drilled it in and out of Toni, faster and faster, seeing a fresh layer of come coat it to the balls.They both lay on the bed crying out for more, screaming each other’s names and holding each other in a tight embrace.Suddenly, Toni arched her back and cried, “I’m gonna come, mommy!” Her voice cracked and her face turned red as her orgasm burst from her pussy and squirted from between her lips and the soaking dildo. She clenched her toes and gripped her mother harder, hearing her moan the sound of pride and joy in her ears.Diane twisted the dildo as her daughter’s come coated it time and time again with a fresh layer of liquid. She felt it on her knuckles, hot and plentiful. She had raised a perfect squirting goddess.With Diane’s leg high in the air, Toni ravaged her mother’s pussy with three clawed fingers. The women were held tight breast to breast. They kissed with their tongues entwined in a passionate dance.Toni then kissed down her mother’s stomach and began licking her way down the pubic bone until she felt her meaty clit against her chin. She began to suck and nibble on it whilst her knuckles were soaked with Diane’s heavenly come.Diane clenched her own breasts. She felt how hard her nipples had gotten on the palms of her hands and fingertips. She bucked her hips towards Toni’s face and fingers, all the while crying out for her for fuck her harder.Toni ground her tongue over her mother’s clit very professionally. She’d been practising a lot. Probably with the dirty little sluts she’d been hanging out with at school. Diane had done the same thing when she was Toni’s age. When her parents weren’t home, she and her girlfriends would spend the afternoon in Diane’s bedroom holding each other's legs apart and making them squirm with their heads in between their legs.Diane shook and rocked from side to side as her orgasm built further. She could hear Toni groan in delight at the taste of her mother. It was the kind of taste other girls didn’t get to experience. The taste of one’s own mother should be on the tip of every young girl's tongue at least once in her life, she thought. She had certainly changed her tune since walking in on Toni earlier.The house then filled with a rocking cry of pure ecstasy as Diane began to orgasm. “That’s it, baby, you’re making mommy come! Yes, yes, more, baby!”Toni burrowed her face in her mother’s pussy. She pulled her fingers out knelt to be soaked by a torrent of burning orgasm. Her pretty face became glazed. She opened her mouth and took a sprinkling of hot orgasm Down her throat before sucking the rest from her mother’s trembling cunt.Diane took a hold of her daughter's head, pulled her up towards her where they shared one more kiss. They then smiled at each other with nothing but pure love for the other in their glazy eyes and relaxed on the bed in each other’s arms.Around ten minutes later, Toni sparked up the conversation. “I didn’t embarrass you, did I, mommy?” She asked in a mousey and curious voice.It took a moment for Diane to fully wake up. She kissed her daughter on the cheek and said, “No, sweetie. I was confused and even a little bit angry at first, but then all I wanted to do was fall in love with you. And I did.”“I’m in love with you too, mommy. I have been for two years now. All I ever wanted to do was make love to you. I always imagined it being in your bed, but that doesn’t matter.”Diane giggled. “Well, there is always next time, my love. And maybe we will even watch one of mommy’s naughty movies. Would you like that?”Toni moaned and nodded her head. “Maybe something with… a naughty little daughter in it?”They both laughed and rocked from side to side as they held each other.They shared one last kiss together that night and then began their new life as lovers the next morning.

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